Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 3

Entering the castle to find the murderer of the comrade Aybars and tracing the murder of Tekfur, Osman’s path crossed with Bala Hatun, Gonca and Tursun Bey in the guise of the priest and priest who had infiltrated the castle to take the treasures of the priests. Sofia and Kalanoz, who were trying to throw the murder they committed on Osman, kidnapped Dundar Bey’s daughter Aygül and brought it to the castle to reveal Osman, who they were sure was in the castle. Acting with the news they received from Burçin, Dündar Bey came to the castle by taking Bamsı and Samsa from Kayi beys. There was another name coming to Kale; The Tekfur assassination he organized was now in the castle of Efendi Yannis. Despite everything, Osman leaked inside the castle soldiers and hit Bamsı Bey, who entered the castle, and had a compass in his hand. Osman, who cleverly constructed what he was going to do, was saved even though he was thrown into the dungeon and captured the hunter named Teokles, which Sofia followed. Seeing the hustle and bustle of Helen and Sofia in the hallway, Kalanoz was after her suspecting that her murder partner, Sofia, was involved in other things. Osman, who caught Teokles, was stopped by Akça Derviş, Pehlivan and Zülfikar Derviş affiliated to Edebalı.

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